May 01 2015

A Healthy Fear of Tyranny

The United States of America was founded by men who feared tyranny because they had experienced it. In most cases, either their direct ancestors or they themselves had come to America to escape some form of tyranny in the old world. Then, they found themselves dealing with a remote government that did not understand them or empathize with their concerns but felt the need to control them without that connection. And the government thought it had the power to exercise that will.

Tyranny occurs when those who hold the authority and power to rule do not have the legitimate consent and support of the people being ruled. Even such illegitimate rule that seems benign is dangerous because it lacks the correct accountability and usually decays into oppression.

We fear tyranny because we have experienced oppression and do not like it. This is a healthy fear and must be preserved. Tyranny has a habit of sneaking up on the unaware and is often most effective when it is not being noticed until it is too late.