Mar 09 2017

Aristocracy breeds Socialism breeds Tyranny

Aristocracy is supposed to be “rule by the best” meaning we can get beneficial governing by granting power to the wisest among us. This sounds good on paper and it can be. However, no matter how ethically aristocrats accumulated their wealth, as generations hand property down, the work ethic tends to become diluted and along with it, the wisdom that is the foundation of Aristocracy. Eventually, it decays into a self-serving oligarchy that suppresses masses of people that are not as wealthy or powerful.

Sooner or later, the oligarchy pisses off the common people to the point where there is some form of revolution. The catch phrase of the revolution is usually “power to the people”. But pure Democracy always fails and decays into tyranny. The correct solution is to embrace democratic principles but morph the government into a law based republic. This is difficult to accomplish and requires a substantial level of wisdom often found in the older Aristocracy. If that wisdom was discounted during the revolution, it seems much easier to move toward some form of Socialism, which is based on the sloppy economic thinking of Karl Marx.

Socialism is inherently flawed because it ignores basic principles of ethics and simply tries to make everything equal and “fair”. There are two branches of Socialism: Communism, where the state owns all property and controls the economy completely, and Fascism, where the state has primary control of the economy but allows private property ownership and business enterprises. Historically, Communism decays quickly into tyranny and economic ruin, while Fascism takes a little longer. Both forms by design embrace concentrated central control and spawn authoritarian leaders who seize power and the government has now completely cycled back to a corrupt oligarchy of some form.