Mar 14 2013

Class Warfare is Expanding

Class warfare is the struggle between the class of “haves” and the class of “have-nots” or relative versions of each. As civilization progresses, we all have more and our standard of living is constantly rising, but there are still large discrepancies in how we perceive the different levels of “having” and any ethics associated with how the levels come about.

Economic support is expanding as technology expands and our communications and sense of connectivity expands. A huge revolution in robotics is about to make it cheap to give help to the needy. Everybody wants to help others, it’s just questions of what is the best way to accomplish it and how much will it cost. When both individuals and large groups can help others at very low cost, the only question remaining is how to do it in the best way. This consideration may get washed away in the fervor of “helping somebody for the sake of making me feel good about myself”.

Entrepreneurial opportunity is expanding with our technology also. At the same time as it is becoming easier to be self sufficient, we are developing more disposable income and both more opportunity and more demand for intellectual pursuits, entertainment and luxury.

The obvious problem with handouts is they enable dependency. The correct solution for helping others is to enable “independency”. This usually take more effort than simply handing somebody some money or food and patting yourself on the back. It takes some thinking and analysis of what are the roadblocks and bottlenecks that hold somebody back and how they can be removed in the correct manner.

In the future, there are likely to still be “classes” in society, but the “poor” class will live comfortably and will live the way they do out of choice. The “rich” class will work to produce things of value, either to be exchanged for something else or simply for the sake of producing it. Both classes will be piggybacking on the efforts of previous generations who built the foundation of technology and industry that make it possible to live easily.

This means that in spite of the fact that everybody will have a steadily increasing standard of living, the gap between the top and the bottom will also continue to expand. And the political elements that feed on class warfare will continue to thrive by grazing upon the unfulfilled desires of the bottom range who have decided not to work. We seem to be producing a society with a socialist base and a capitalist superstructure.