Jan 18 2013

Guns Don’t Make You Safe

Holding a gun in your hands does not guarantee either your safety or your life. There is no surety that someone else won’t have bigger or better weapons and can still take what you consider valuable.

The whole point of holding a gun in your hands is that it raises the bar of consequence and therefore of the required level of intent for any attacker. The gun does not say, “you cannot kill me”. The gun says, “you can kill me, but until you do, I remain free”.

To that end, the bigger or better the weapon is, the more freedom you have. If your attackers have bigger and better weapons, your freedom is in danger of being diminished or extinguished. This is the same common sense logic that we apply to arming our military forces to defend our nation.

The second amendment to the US Constitution does not guarantee our right to bear arms, it merely restricts the right of the government to infringe upon the natural right that we have to be free and to defend our freedom. No words can either sustain or deny that natural right. They are only reminders that such undeniable rights exist.