Jun 20 2016

Individual Liberty Spawns Exceptional Achievement

The Constitution of the United States is designed to protect the liberty of individual citizens, instead of protecting the collective power granted to the government. All other forms of government that subjugate the individual for the sake of society, also squash and suppress the efforts of the individual to express their opinions, beliefs, imagination, creativity, and spiritual investments. The moral principle that an individual has rights before any society can even be formed as a group of individuals has never been so well preserved and protected as by the Constitution of the US.

When individuals are so protected, they are willing to stand up to the state and understand that the purpose of the state is to serve their liberty instead of the other way around. When individuals band together to help protect each other and as a larger group, stay seized with the basic purpose of the group, the group then lifts each individual higher and allows them more freedom to become exceptional. This is the promise of America. This is American exceptionalism, the idea that the individual came first, and must be served as the primary, so that they are able to fulfill their potential, and then become more capable to serve the group also.

Thus, the group can also become exceptional and fulfill potential. History has shown that the American state has been able to absorb individuals who had their liberty suppressed by the society in which they previously lived, and by opening the doors to their liberty, also opened the doors to their souls and their full potential.