May 20 2013

Meet the New Boss

…same as the old boss. Start with Chicago politics and finish with the IRS scandal. Then decide if we will be able to keep the Republic our founding fathers have given us.

IRS scandal a reminder of how I learned about The Chicago Way – [chicagotribune.com]

The Internal Revenue Service scandal now devouring the Obama administration — the outrageous use of the federal taxing authority to target tea party and other conservatives — certainly makes for meaty partisan politics.

But this scandal is about more than partisanship. It’s bigger than whether the Republicans win or the Democrats lose.

It’s even bigger than President Barack Obama. Yes, bigger than Obama.

It is opening American eyes to the fundamental relationship between free people and those who govern them. This one is about the Republic and whether we can keep it.

It was Ben Franklin who issued us the challenge of keeping the Republic we have been given. Franklin knew how difficult the task of framing the Constitution had been. He understood that most attempts at government in history had eventually devolved into some form of tyranny. Franklin believed ignorance was the greatest precursor of tyranny and knowledge was the best medicine against it. Most voters today seem to be ignorant of the rights and principles that formed the base of our Constitution. An unacceptable percentage of our politicians also fit into that category.

The knowledge that we need most is a clear understanding of what is right and what is wrong. We must know the difference between rights we claim as natural and powers that we have granted to our government from our position as sovereign individuals. Our Constitution was carefully crafted with much debate in order to protect those rights from the natural expansion of government. If we don’t understand that, what hope do we have of keeping the Republic.