Mar 27 2015

“Novus Ordo” Platform

“Novus Ordo Seclorum” are the Latin words on the great seal of the USA, which mean, “a new order for the ages”. We need a new platform of political objectives to create a new order.

  • Limited government
  • Free markets
  • Lower taxes
  • Higher ethics in government

The Constitution of the United States of America is based on the concept of limiting the concentration of power in government to prevent it from creating tyranny and infringing upon the rights of the people. History has shown us that the attraction to power in men tends toward a concentration until it makes possible the infringement of the rights of others. Since a government must have some power in order to function, care must be given to prevent that concentrating.

An environment of fair competition and trade is best provided by keeping government interference to a minimum. When markets are allowed to try all the best ideas by entrepreneurs and find out what works best, they effectively turn into an ethical sieve.

The FAIR TAX eliminates income tax, and transfers the taxation burden to a national sales tax that greatly simplifies the system, eliminating most loopholes and exclusions. By exempting sales of used goods, it also puts some control of the tax rate back into the hands of the consumer. If we are willing to live a frugal lifestyle, we can minimize your rate. If we insist on luxury, we pay more for it.

Our government must be executed with the highest ethical standards and complete transparency in public affairs. Legislation must be crafted with an awareness that any law, while attempting to protect the rights of some group, almost invariably will step on the rights of some other group. We can’t just create any law we like because it protects some pet concern. We should only create laws that are essential to protect rights and are the least invasive means of doing so.