Jan 04 2017

Obamacare Has Been a Frankenstein-like Horror

Just as Dr. Frankenstein cobbled together body parts into a grotesque figure that became a monster when animated, Barack Obama has taken credit for Affordable Care Act to the extent that it has become known as “Obamacare”.

Dr. Frankenstein did not set out to create a monster, rather he was experimenting with the concept of using galvanic or electrical stimulation to animate living tissue. The architects of Obamacare cobbled together parts of existing health care insurance infrastructure to create a huge monster. Many of the arguments that this effort was designed to serve an uninsured population have worn thin, leaving in their place the motivation of building even more big government control over the lives of the individuals it claims to serve.

Obamacare has succeeded, like the monster, only in the sense that it exists and seems alive. But the damage it has done outweighs any positive gains and its future seems dark, malignant, and even evil. In the story, Dr. Frankenstein was a brilliant medical doctor and researcher, but over time his name has become synonymous with monstrosity. The final irony would be if the name Obama suffers the same fate, becoming equated with the futilities and failures of big government.