Jan 05 2014

Solving Problems is Not the Domain of Our Government

We choose to institute governing councils amongst ourselves for the purpose of protecting our rights and liberties, not for the purpose of solving our problems. When either foreign governments or our own government begin to encroach upon our rights and liberties, our ability to solve our problems is diminished.

If we choose to live as nomads, always moving, we have little property to protect and are mostly concerned with the right to life and the right to move where we wish. Nomads are accustomed to defending these simple rights themselves and have little use for government. But when we choose to pick a spot, and spend our time and effort growing crops and building more permanent shelter, our concerns change. We realize the need to protect the fruits of our labor by standing our ground and this changes our need for collaboration with our neighbors and the need for a governing council to organize that effort.

The focus of our government still needs to be on the protection of our rights. It may a good thing to collaborate with neighbors to solve problems we face, but that is entirely different from the government we form for protection. It is possible to use a militia force to irrigate a field or raise a roof, but it is not wise to use those resources in that form for that purpose. And when government decides it can take from one to give to another, it becomes the force that we need protection from.