Feb 21 2016

The Government We Want

We want our government to:

  • Protect us from harm
  • Protect our property
  • Protect our rights
  • Limit itself to only efforts that involve these protections

We want our government to avoid:

  • Allowing us to be harmed – war, terrorism, irresponsible behavior and neglect
  • Taking our property – excessive taxation, eminent domain, illegal search and seizure
  • Failing to protect our rights – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, liberty and free will, self defense
  • Exceeding the limits of the Constitution that are designed to protect our rights – executive actions, changing rules to avoid checks and balances

Some of these points are simple and obvious and others are not. For example:

  • We want our government to operate an effective military to keep us safe, but we don’t want them to use that force when it may not be needed and get us into conflicts that are difficult to resolve and may not be appropriate
  • We are willing to fund our government through taxes, but we want the tax code to be fair and simple and reasonable
  • We want our religious expressions to be protected but we don’t want the government to show any favor to others who have different expressions. We want to be able to defend ourselves without making it easy for madmen to get guns
  • We want the government to be small and limited – until we want it to help us, then we expect it to do what is needed

The bottom line is that every law that is proposed and every government action must be carefully considered because they always have the potential to harm somebody else’s rights while protecting our rights.