Oct 15 2016

The News Media Has Become an Enemy of the People

The howling pack of jackals that we collectively call, “the main stream media”, has divorced themselves from any sense of responsible journalism and purveyors of truth, integrity, and the American way. They have sold their souls to the devil of ratings and the pursuit of the big buck through advertising revenues.

A long time ago in a country that now seems far, far away, there was an order of news reporters, journalists, researchers, editors, and even anchors, who valued knowledge and wisdom above riches, power or even nationality. They believed that their primary function was to serve others, and by giving of themselves through acts of honesty, humility, communication, and good citizenship, they created a way of life for themselves that was a worthwhile task. They sought after, followed, and taught that the entire universe was pervaded by a simple spiritual energy that they called, “the truth”.

But over time, these knights of truth have slowly become corrupted by their own dark side. Instead of using their skills in accessing “the truth” to serve humankind for the better, they learned that these same skills could be perverted to gain power and influence. Everyday people seemed to struggle with reaching “the truth” and so were easily turned toward mentors who had advanced training in this area. The once altruistic organization of knights of “the truth” became diluted and alloyed with members who used their influence to accumulate riches and then power. They grew in strength until they outnumbered the good knights and called themselves the Empire of the Main Stream Media.

This dark Empire believes in using their powers for self benefit and pays no attention to who they manipulate or destroy in their quest for self serving ends. They have become amoral, vindictive, and an enemy of the people. Our only hope is that like so many previous occurrences of this kind of dark energy, they will eventually become self destructive enough to bring about their own end.

In the meantime, it becomes our responsibility to observe what they are attempting to accomplish, to point out the differences between “the truth” and their lies, and open the eyes of the people who have been deceived.