Jun 07 2012

“The Regulars Are Coming Out!”

Deep into the evening of April 18, 1775, Paul Revere gave the word to send the signal by lantern from the steeple of the North Church, then slipped quietly across the Charles River in a row boat, defying a ban on nighttime crossings. Landing in Charlestown, he mounted a horse and rode toward Lexington and then Concord, warning every household possible that the regulars were coming out. As he spread the word, other riders also mounted up and fanned out, telling the countryside that the British troops known as “the regulars” were on their way to seize liberty from the people.

Now, our liberty is being threatened once again, and like that night in Boston, the threat comes from a force that is supposed to exist to protect liberty and freedom. Revere likely did not use the term, “the British are coming” because the colonists of that time considered themselves to be British subjects. There were regular troops and local militias available for the common defense. It was the regular troops and the authority of the Kings central government that moved that night to take away or destroy the arms of the militia and prevent the people from resisting the authority of the King. The Kings representatives were William Legge, Earl of Dartmouth and Secretary of State for the colonies and General Thomas Gage, commander in chief of the British military forces in North America (Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay). From London, Legge gave the order to Gage to take action against the growing unrest among the colonists and Gage decided to confiscate a cache of arms being developed by the militia in Concord.

Today, we have a President in Washington, D.C. and two houses of Congress who were sent there to serve the will of the people and protect our liberty and freedom. The will of the people has always included the desire to preserve our freedom by defending us from many different forms of threats. And that will has also always included the need to protect our liberty from the encroachment of a governing body that has now grown too big and too powerful and too emboldened with power to remember the basic reasons for its existence.

We find ourselves placing too much reliance in a body of authority to defend our rights from that same body. And yet the authority that has supplied the power and swelled the ability of that body to trample on our rights, was granted by we the people. It is time to revoke that authority and form it again in a way that is more resistant to uncontrolled growth and the abuses that lead to tyranny.

Under our present form of government, we have guaranteed ourselves the right to change our representation and therefore more accurately represent the will of the people. In order to accomplish that, the voice of the will of the people must make itself heard. Now is the time to raise the hue and cry to our representatives and to replace those who will not listen. Now is the time to insist that our rights and our liberties are the main business of our government. Now is the time to assert that our Constitution and our history is the blueprint of the protection of our will.

The blood of the sons of liberty was spilled so that future generations would not have to bleed and die to protect their liberty. We offer a fervent prayer that the words, “the regulars are coming out” will never again be uttered to warn that the forces of government are being turned against the people and their will.