Jul 01 2013

Tyranny is a Form of Terrorism

Terrorism is the act of using fear as psychological warfare. Tyranny is oppressive power usually concentrated in a small node of government.

Terrorism is most often used as assymetric warfare, when a smaller attacking force cannot directly confront a larger force and must find alternative methods to inflict damage. Terrorism usually does inflict some conventional damage either to property or to people, but the primary component of a terrorist attack is the psychological damage. By creating fear, the smaller force can disrupt a population or an economy and can create political pressure to achieve goals without needing to win a direct military confrontation.

Tyranny has often already won control of a government and through that a population (or is striving toward that end). Tyranny wants to exert the control that it has by manipulating the population toward goals that serve the center of tyranny instead of serving the population. Fear is one of the most often used forms of manipulation by tyranny because it is easier to exert control through psychology than by using brute force.

Terrorism is driven to using fear through lack of any other means. Tyranny has other means but chooses to use fear because it is more convenient. Ethically, tyranny is worse than terrorism, but from the point of view of those on the receiving end of the campaign of fear, there is little difference.