Apr 08 2016

Tyrants Need Mobs

We all feel desires we know we should not pursue. In times of plenty, it can be difficult to make moderate choices, even when we know they are correct. It’s easy to indulge.

A tyrant is a bully, who seeks to control a weaker person. Most bullies are motivated by insecurity that drives them to establish a sense of identity through control of others. We all know the maxim that in order to stop a schoolyard bully, somebody must bloody his nose. The pain of that experience dampens the desire to control another and forces the bully to find some other means to deal with the underlying insecurity.

When the bully is not stopped, a pathology of seeking control of others begins to develop. It becomes easy for the bully to indulge and make a habit of seeking control. There are many different forms of bullies and different venues for them to ply their intentions. Some seek financial control, others emotional or sexual control. Every now and then, a bully in the formative stages, discovers what a delight it can be to simply talk somebody into giving them control, almost without using any coercive measures.

The bully that discovers this subtle form of control often goes on to discover they have a knack for swaying crowds of people who prefer to not think for themselves, but will allow somebody else to do their thinking for them. This bully is discovering how to become a tyrant and how to manipulate a mob to give them power.