Jul 04 2016

We Are All Born Free

We are born free and sovereign over our individual lives and rights. We often decide to join with others in a group and in that process we may grant some degree of our sovereign power to the group in the name of better securing our lives and our rights.

If life is to be considered sacred, then a failure to defend ourselves could be a crime. We have an obligation to defend ourselves when possible without harming others, but the primary responsibility is to defend ourselves. When others who threaten or attack our lives or rights take up arms in order to harm us, we may find it necessary to take up arms to defend ourselves.

When we grant our individual power to a group, we do so because we consider it necessary to make the group more powerful in order to defend us against powerful attackers. And we must remain wary that the group we have empowered can also become a threat against us individually. It becomes necessary to instill into the group, protections that will secure our lives and rights.

These protections can take different forms. The first and most simple form is to ensure that the group does not control all the arms. If individuals are armed sufficiently to resist an attack from our own group, such an attack may be deterred. Another form of protection is to diffuse the control of power and arms, creating checks and balances against misuse.

The protections that we need against both outside groups and even against our own group are encompassed into rules that we call laws. Breaking these laws is a crime against the group. When the group itself breaks the laws it was formed to enforce, it has abrogated the reasoning that the group was formed upon.

We are all born free, and we establish governments of our groups in order to remain free. The major threats to our freedom come from the governments of other groups and sometimes even from the government of our own group. We need to remain ever vigilant against these threats to our freedom and we should constantly remind ourselves that our own government was designed and instituted for this purpose.